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Cat Grooming

Holiday Grooming Salon grooms and bathes cats too! Our cat stylists have the skill, training and experience to get your cat looking spiffy and clean, quickly and humanely. Ever wonder why some cats always look sleek and beautiful and others look like…well, like something the cat dragged in? While it’s true that some cats (like some people) are just born with “good hair” a lot of it has to do with grooming and bathing by a professional stylist. Whether your cat is short haired similar to Siamese, Burmese, Cornish and Scottish fold or long haired such as Maine coons and Persians, they need help from their human pals. This is where Holiday Kennels Grooming Salon comes in to treat the following conditions:

  • Shedding
  • Flea control
  • Poor skin conditions
  • Poor ear health
  • Mats and tangles

Our cat stylists will provide shed-less grooming treatment which consists of a specially formulated de-shedding shampoo followed by the application of a de-shedding solution. A special tool is then used to remove the undercoat and loose hair.

For flea control our stylists will provide a flea treatment (Frontline Plus ®) for your feline friend, which will kill the fleas and provide protection for up to 30 days.

In the case of poor skin conditions such as dry, patchy and flaky skin, our cat stylists will treat your cat with medicated shampoos to restore and bring out the natural oils in the skin. This will lead to shiny thick and sleek hair conditions.

For ear health, our stylists clean out your cat’s ears with a medicated solution and make sure the ears do not get water in them during the bathing process.

Finally our cat stylists use specially formulated shampoos to detangle your cat’s hair and breakdown mats. We also use detangling tools and specialized brushes to get rid of these conditions. To alleviate tangling and mats, our stylists recommend you schedule regular bathing, trimming and brushing appointments. If there is severe tangling and mating conditions because of lack of care, our stylists may have to shave out bad mats which can throw off regulation of your cat’s body temperature and expose the usually protected skin underneath. Our stylists only do shave outs and shave downs in extreme cases. In worst case situations we may refer your cat to a veterinarian for this condition.

Please call Holiday Grooming Salon today to get your cat’s skin and hair in the best possible condition.

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